Why Peaches

Peaches KEMP is a unique floorball experience that will not be forgotten for a long time. It offers fun, intense training, sports education, professionalism and a community of floorball enthusiasts – in short, a combination that will get any floorball player off the bench.



Top realisation team

Peaches KEMP participants are supported by a top-notch implementation team – from professional coaches and physiotherapists to top floorball players who play in the highest competitions. We do our best to support the children in their floorball development and pass on as much of our passion and enthusiasm for floorball as possible. They can look forward to professional care and the best training methods.


Professional approach

Peaches KEMP is not just about training, floorball and hard work. It is first and foremost an unforgettable floorball experience. We want to show kids that floorball is a complex sport that doesn’t end behind the lines. We hold workshops on healthy eating, proper recovery and injury prevention. For us, it’s not just about the performance at the camp itself – what the players take away from it is much more important.


Individual approach

We care about every Peaches KEMP participant, regardless of age or skill level. A friendly environment where everyone feels welcome and supported is our priority. Our coaches pay attention to each player individually, provide specific feedback and work with individual motivation. In addition, participants can come in for a morning individual training session and focus on what they need to practice under the supervision of the coaches.


Quality equipment and facilities

Peaches KEMP participants will experience what it is like to train in the best conditions, using top sports facilities and professional equipment. Throughout the duration of the camp they have everything they may need for their development. Thanks to our great partners, for example, they can indulge in regeneration with massage tools, ice pools, oxygen chambers, even lymphatic drainage pants. And that’s just a fraction of what Peaches KEMP offers them.


Inspiring environment

Peaches KEMP is a place where people with a passion for floorball meet. They inspire each other, motivate each other and learn from other like-minded floorball enthusiasts. Participants have the unique opportunity to experience new adventures, make floorball friendships and develop their skills beyond training.
And to add to the inspiration, world-class floorball stars visit us every year – and even get to practice with us! That’s a huge dose of motivation for all our peaches every time.


Our philosophy is simple: in 6 days we will not make any player a national team player. But if we teach him how he can continue to work on himself and improve every day with honest and proper training, he can eventually become a national team player. That’s why the participants will have a varied six-day program full of floorball and non- floorball activities, during which they will meet not only professional coaches and floorball stars, but also experts in physical preparation, recovery, stretching and nutrition.

Professional approach to training, recovery and diet

New friendships and relationships strengthened by floorball

Special goalkeeper training for goalkeepers

Meetings with national team players and well-known personalities outside the world of floorball

Quality regeneration at the level of professional athletes (ice pool, wellness, possibility of massages, aids, lymphatic drainage pants, massage guns…)

Happy child = happy parrent

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The Peaches KEMP event in Jindřichův Hradec is now officially under the auspices of Mayor Mgr. Ing. Michal Kozar, MBA.

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