Our pillars

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There are already plenty of summer events and camps in our little floorball world. And you, our dear parents, have countless opportunities and options for where to send your child for the summer. However, we have a vision to create a summer camp so that this choice is made entirely by your child. So that he or she is so convinced that Peaches Kemp is the one thing he or she will sincerely look forward to this summer, that you will have no choice but to happily agree. Here we would like to give you an idea of what Peaches KEMP has prided itself on since the beginning and what we try to impart into our participants during the camp.

Our pillars

Floorball, friendship and hard work. These are the 3 pillars on which the whole concept of Peaches KEMP is built. We understand that it’s one thing to read about it, but another, more valuable thing for us, is to experience it, or at least see what it really looks like for us.
Matěj Surák – “I am very happy to be part of such a project.”
We can agree on that. So what really drives us forward at Peaches are the friends, the camaraderie and the common desire to improve. And that’s what makes Peaches KEMP a special place for all floorball players. All the feelings and emotions are more intense here because of the length of the camp. And that is why everyone will find their floorball partner here. Either from the participants or from the implementation team.
Listen to Sury, who describes what Peaches KEMP means to him:
Jarda Čížek – “I dare to say that compared to other events, camps, etc. we are again a level higher. Mainly thanks to the details that we pay attention to in our fitness.”
Conditioning is one of the building blocks of sports performance. We pay attention to what stage of summer training the participants are in and model strength and speed workouts at Peaches KEMP accordingly.
Vojta Klein – “At Peaches KEMP we try to give the kids the conditions they can experience at any repre event.”
The fundamental pillar is PHYSICAL and REGENERATION. We try to show the kids that hard work and working hard is just as important a part of floorball as being able to recover and take care of your body. That’s why we have professional regeneration equipment in the form of lymphatic drainage pants, hyperbaric chamber, massage guns and many other tools that are used daily under the supervision of experienced physiotherapists.
Míra Vybíral . “The floorball themes of every Peaches camp are always related to the national team that played its World Championship. Thus, we respond to the current state of floorball trends.”
Our jewel and the thing we will always take the most pride in anyway. On the quality and intensity of floorball skills training and the game of floorball itself. We want to get the technical skills into the kids in the morning sessions that then show up in the afternoon game. The game and practices involve top league players who complete assignments from our coaches who are in charge of the entire Peaches KEMPU floorball concept. We firmly stand by the fact that the quality of our training is among the top floorball camps in Europe.
Vojta Šimůnek – “Here at Peaches KEMP we pride ourselves on individual feedback. So goalies get immediate feedback during training sessions.”
A key, but very often neglected component. Goalkeepers and goalkeeper training. Goalkeepers, our precious floorball creatures 🙂 At Peaches KEMP we do everything we can to make sure that goalkeepers and goalies get individual, detail-oriented feedback that is just what they need. In addition to traditional game training, our goalies have a pure goalie training session on their schedule that is focused on them and them alone.
WE’VE SAID IT MANY TIMES AND WE’LL SAY IT AGAIN. Peaches KEMP is hard to really describe, Peaches KEMP just has to be experienced for us. If you want your child to experience a week packed with floorball, fun, emotion and hard work, Peaches KEMP is the choice of the more than 1,000 kids who have attended our camps. We look forward to seeing you and your kids.

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