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The story began to be written in 2015. The idea was born during a bus trip in the head of one of our founders.


Origin of Peaches IBK
First own category
First custom jerseys
First Ostrava cup


Second category
First achievements
First Peaches Camp
Second Ostrava cup


Third Ostrava cup (6 teams)
Peaches camp Liberec & Svitavy


Peaches camp Kladno & Svitavy
Participation of one of the best players in the world
First Peaches Academy


Peaches camp Turnov & Svitavy
Participation of the Czech record holder


Peaches camp Turnov & Svitavy
Peaches Camp in Germany
Peaches helps
Peaches song


Peaches camp Světlá nad Sázavou & Svitavy
Peaches Camp Záhorská Bystrica
Peaches Vikings Camp Orlando, Florida
Peaches helps


Peaches KEMP Jindřichův Hradec
Peaches KEMP Světlá nad Sázavou
Peaches KEMP Olomouc
Peaches KEMP Záhorská Bystrica
Peaches Vikings Camp Orlando, Florida
Peaches Helps
Participation of 3 floorball players
Participation of Patrik Audy
First participant from Norway

3 pillars of Peaches camps

The combination of a proper floorball workout and classic camp fun – this is Peaches KEMP, one of the most interesting and fun projects that Czech floorball has seen. Every year it attracts more and more male and female floorball players who want to work hard and thanks to them the camps keep moving forward. Since 2015, we have prided ourselves on 3 main pillars that make Peaches KEMP special:


High quality and intense training

With us, everything starts with quality training. Our coaches are professionals with a wealth of experience and a passion for floorball. The members of the implementation team have experienced first-hand the national and international level of floorball – and now they try to translate their experience not only into training sessions, but also into the day-to-day running of the camp. Our participants will experience intensive training sessions that are in line with current trends and principles of international floorball. They will improve their skills in charging into space, working with body positioning when shooting, the correct structure of the game formation when playing 5 on 5 and many other floorball skills. Each participant will be given the space to reach their maximum potential and will gain knowledge that will benefit them long after the camp.


Unique training conditions

Modern facilities and professional training conditions are a matter of course at Peaches KEMP. We make sure that participants experience quality floorball training with everything – including fully equipped facilities and regeneration. Our in-house physio team has quality recovery aids and equipment to work with representative camps. We use an oxygen chamber, massage guns, lymphatic drainage pants, foam rollers, electrodes and other proven tools that help us to speed up the recovery of our participants and show them how to take care of their bodies to cope with the training struggle – not only at the camp, but also in the future.


Party, emotions, fun
and community

Peaches KEMP is not just about training. Every year it brings together a group of great floorball players who are united by the desire to constantly improve. Together we work and develop our skills, but we also make new friendships, support each other and motivate each other. In addition to floorball training, a varied programme and a range of fun activities await the children. Thanks to this, they will come back from Peaches KEMP with a lot of unforgettable experiences, whether they are participating for the umpteenth time or for the very first time.

Professional training conditions, a quality program thought out down to the smallest detail and a strong community of people who want to develop and have fun playing floorball together – all of this creates a unique floorball atmosphere that you will only experience at Peaches KEMPU.

Happy child = happy parrent

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The Peaches KEMP event in Jindřichův Hradec is now officially under the auspices of Mayor Mgr. Ing. Michal Kozar, MBA.

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