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Where do Peaches camps take place

Peaches CAMPS started out small. Our goal was simple: to shake up the Czech floorball scene and prove that even a semi-professional sport could reach professional standards. As our peachy camps grew, we realized that our ambitions extended beyond Czech floorball alone. And so we began expanding—to new cities, countries, even continents. Today, you can join Peaches CAMPS in different parts of the world.


This is where it all began, with a dream to elevate Czech floorball to a world-class level. Since then, thousands of floorball players have participated in our Czech camps, and we are always seeking new and exciting locations to host them.


It was clear from the beginning that we would expand to Slovakia sooner or later. Slovak floorball has a huge potential and we want not only to contribute to its development, but also to take inspiration and experience from our eastern neighbors.


America presented a unique opportunity for us to promote floorball not only across countries but also across continents. In the US, floorball isn’t widely known, but we plan to change that. And who better than us to bring the thrill of floorball to America?


China poses a true challenge for us. The country is well-equipped for floorball, with Chinese players training harder than anyone else, and yet floorball is not a well-known sport there. However, we believe that China has the potential to quickly join the ranks of floorball superpowers.

Why Peaches camp

The camp provides participants with the opportunity to work hard on their floorball skills, try out professional recovery equipment, and, most importantly, meet a fantastic group of like-minded floorball enthusiasts from all over the country. Our participants are supported by an experienced organizational team, including floorball and fitness coaches, physiotherapists, and even some stars from the Czech and international floorball scene.

What parents say about us?

A happy child equals a happy parent. And the parents of our participants are absolutely thrilled with Peaches CAMPS! Not only do their kids come back with lots of new experiences, but our camps also offer a well-prepared program and a professional approach.

Our head peaches

Young Leaders. Young collective. It wasn’t that long ago that we attended floorball camps ourselves. We took what we thought we could from them. We added a professional approach and Peaches KEMP was born. We have a clear vision – to get better and better every year.




The Peaches CAMP in Jindřichův Hradec is now officially under the auspices of Mayor Mgr. Ing. Michal Kozar, MBA.

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